Become Moscow Area Assistant Director for Club Growth

Here’s another post from our series about Moscow Area officer positions, in the run-up to our Area Council on June 7 and the elections of next season’s Area team.

As the assistant director for club growth, you are responsible for all aspects of marketing, club-building and club-retention efforts within the community.

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Why should you be interested?

This position puts you at the forefront of Russian Toastmasters development and lets you train both critical/strategic/creative thinking and communicating this vision to the clubs. You will become an expert troubleshooter, identifying what hurts the clubs’ member experience and how to making things work better. You will help people open new clubs – always an emotional and rewarding moment. Plus, it is an invaluable experience in the intricacies of representing a global brand in Russia.

Who we are looking for

A passionate Toastmaster, preferably a former club officer, familiar with the practical challenges that clubs face in providing the best experience to their members and willing to contribute to the community.

Key skills you will use and develop in this position

  • Strategic thinking
  • Analytical skills
  • Communication
  • Team management
  • Collaboration
  • Giving feedback
  • Motivation
  • Creativity

Main responsibilities

  • Develop the annual marketing plan for the area and drive its implementation
  • Assist in organizing new clubs in the area
  • Help all clubs build and retain the membership base
  • Train, motivate and supervise the club sponsors, mentors and coaches
  • Ensure that the community adheres to Toastmasters International brand standards

To make Russian Toastmasters a success, we need a strong Asst Director for Club Growth. If you want to apply for this role, or want to nominate another person, write a letter to!

Here’is what Max Silin, who performed the role in 2015-16 TM year, has to say about it:

“Having fulfilled the role as an Assistant Director, Club Growth allowed me to take significant risks in a safe environment, and apply the learnings at my day job, proving myself as a capable, reliable leader and securing a spot for the achieved promotion. I was able to set the path for the future development of the Moscow Area Toastmasters (and across Russia) by applying strategic thinking and motivational skills which I have built up throughout my work experience in this role. This unique opportunity has provided me with a leverage to influence the way Moscow  Area Toastmasters is seen both by the local club members as well as the international community”.