Club Officer Training Oct 2015

On Saturday morning, October 3, 2015, Moscow Area welcomed 19 officers and 10 active members from Moscow Free Speakers, Redefluss Moskau, Toastbusters, and WorldSurfers clubs at the annual Toastmasters fall training.

They gathered together to learn from 5 international presenters – experienced Toastmasters and outstanding leaders – how to manage their clubs efficiently, create a safe and pleasant learning environment, and ensure sustainable membership base growth.

In addition to the informational sessions pertaining to each respective club office role (President, VP Education, VP Membership, VP PR, Secretary), everyone had an opportunity to take part in the two workshops prepared and conducted by the Moscow Area Executive Committee: The NASA Moon Landing – aimed at demonstrating the advantages of efficient team work; and the Questionstorming – designed to find actionable ways of nailing the most pressing challenges the clubs face as they strive for continues development.

During the breaks, the participants had a chance to meet and greet each other in person – it’s always great to put a face to the name, isn’t it?

While there was a lot of positive feedback received upon the completion of the training, allowing us to say with confidence that the event turned out to be a great success, we aren’t going to stop there and will be aiming for continuous growth and further development!

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