Игры по публичным выступлениям на английском

на встрече клуба Toastbusters 31.08.2019

Do you want to play games and practice your public speaking skills in English at the same time ? Come along to a special meeting of Toastbusters club on August, 31st. We are going to play two games: Rhetoric and Mafia!


RHETORIC is a board game developed by European members of the Toastmasters International, public speaking trainers John Zimmer and Florian Mueck. A Player receives an interesting task for a short speech which he presents to other players. This board game allows to develop public speaking skills from the beginner level.

Number of players – up to 10

Duration of 1 round – 2 hours

Language – English


Every good speech has one exact purpose – to call the audience to an action. Mafia game definitely serves this purpose – to make the audience vote for the exact person. That’s why our Mafia game «City is sleeping» allows to polish speaking skills and choose the most persuasive arguments in a tense situation.

Number of players – up to 10 for 1 table

Duration of 1 round – 1-2 hours

Language – English