We are all afraid of something, be it COVID-19, Public Speaking, relationships or anything else. The question is: is there a way to fight all these fears and live a better quality life?

In this online panel discussion, our expert guests will be discussing real world situations and sharing their knowledge to give you practical solutions on how to better:

– Manage COVID-19 anxiety
– Keep sight of your goals despite your fear
– Avoid panic attacks
– Provide emotional support to your loved ones
– Overcome your fears in general

Invited panel experts:
Guzel Nizamova, Russia
Existential Psychotherapist & Logotherapist
Holds Psychology Degrees from Russia, Canada and Austria
Over 14 years of practice; married, mother of three kids

Natalia Sanarova, Kazakhstan
Life Coach and Psychologist
Ex-auditor in BIG4 and Financial Analyst in the banking sector
Author of personality development programs

Michael Pope, USA
IT professional with 20+ years experience
DTM in Toastmasters
2019 Toastmaster of the Year
Coach in John Maxwell Leadership Team

Event organisers:
Alan Akamba
Communications & Leadership Expert
Petroleum Engineer
Happy dad of one boy

Irina Suvorova
Sales Professional with 9+ years’ experience
Sales Director at RENA SOLUTIONS LLC, automotive system integrator for since 2017
Toastmaster Club President since 2019 and member since 2017
Started coaching career to help people be more organised and overcome their fears
Overcoming my fear of Public Speaking

Co-organised by Toastmasters Russia & Leadcurve

Price: FREE
Location: Online
Language: English
Date: Thursday, 28th May
Moscow time: 19:30-21:00