Have you ever found yourself unable to stop watching TED speeches, one after the other, as if there was some invisible magnet that captured your attention and didn’t let go? At the same time, have you ever felt that some of your speeches were lacking that special force, making your the audience “turn off” during your speech?

In this workshop you’ll find out what are the key elements to a successful TED speech according to numerous researches that analysed thousands of talks. You will see some of the greatest examples of how TED speakers integrated such elements into their speeches and will leave with a luggage of useful material.

By the end of this workshop you’ll have the tools to create your own TED-style talk, so you can impress your audience at your next Toastmasters meeting!

Facilitator’s introduction

Diana Robertson, founder of Skillsme Academy in London, presents workshops on numerous topics, including Public Speaking, Leadership, Personal and Club Growth. She served at several Toastmasters club officer roles, including being WorldSurfers Club President and is currently PR Manager for Toastmasters Russia.

Date and Time

WorldSurfers – Toastmasters Club, Library for Foreign Literature, m. Taganskaya

14 Jan, 19:00

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