Would you like to present like a pro online?
For many people, presenting online is much more challenging than in the physical world, regardless of their experience.
Where do I look? What do I say? What if people are bored, tune off and tune out?
For your online audience: Checking Facebook, being on another website or not even being in front of their laptops is the new normal… This makes it more difficult for you to connect, engage and keep the attention of your audience..
What can you do, so that you don’t suffer this terrible fate?
In this masterclass, you’ll learn how to grab and keep your audiences attention online. You’ll walk away with tools and techniques to deliver presentations via Zoom with impact.
If you follow the 3 POWER PRINCIPLES from this masterclass, then the next time you’re in an online meeting, you’ll be perceived as a bold speaker, whether you’re an executive or not.
So what will be covered?
  • Saying (What to say for maximum impact)
  • Slides (How to design screen-friendly slides)
  • Setting (How to set up Zoom, your camera, microphone and your desk to own the virtual stage)


Facilitator: Alex de Jong, Presentation Perfectionist.

Since becoming the youngest-ever UK Toastmasters District champion in 2015, Alex ( became a corporate refugee and started an international brand storytelling and training agency (Skyrocket).
Today, he helps startup founders raise capital up to €5m; works with global brands like Marionnaud and JUUL Labs to tell data-driven business stories and at least one UN whistleblower redefine their story to land their dream job.
When he’s not travelling the world delivering training, he lives in Vienna helping people pitch it perfect saving audiences from death by PowerPoint, one slide at a time. Most recently, he’s started a radio show “Coronavirus Crisis Radio”, posting up to 7 videos per week.
Instructor: Alex de Jong
Price: FREE
Location: Online
Language: English
Date: Thursday, 21st May
Moscow time: 19:30-21:00