WINTER CONFERENCE on December 2, 2017

We’re happy to share the exciting news with you: our Winter Conference is going to take place on December 2, 2017! As many of you already know, this is one of the most important events we hold each year. It’s when we all come together, and Moscow Area clubs’ best speakers cross their swords to win the coveted 1st prize.

This time each Moscow chartered club has the right to nominate one speaker for each of the following Area contests:

Humorous Speech contest (in ENG)
Table Topics contest (in ENG)
Humorous Speech contest (in RUS)

So the busy season starts now! The clubs will now have their own internal competitions to determine who’s going to represent them in the finals. As an exception, clubs can also nominate a volunteer without holding a contest (e.g. non-Russian speaking clubs can put forward one of their members for the Humorous speech contest in Russian).

We at Moscow Area encourage all you club members to throw your hats in the ring and take part in the club contests!

Toastmasters Winter Conference Russia