Winter Conference 2016

Moscow Area WInter Conference 2016 took place on Dec 3 (Saturday). For all conference participants, please leave your feedback at

We had:

  • Area Humorous Speech contest
  • Area Table Topics contest
  • First-Time Tall Tales contest in Russian!
  • Workshops
  • Fun

See full program here.

A comprehensive report to come soon!

Workshop #1: “The Perfect Fit” 

How to prepare for the Speech Contest!

The 45 minute workshop will be broken down into 5 parts:

1. Working with a coach
2. Choosing a topic
3. Structuring a Speech
4. Practicing your Speech
5. Performance

Josephine Lee is an industry leading entrepreneur and an award winning public speaker.

She graduated from the University of Southern California in 2010 with a degree in Communication. She was a sports anchor for a student produced nightly newscast called Annenberg TV News. After graduation, she joined Toastmasters International to continue her education in communication.

In 2016, she rose above 35,000 contestants to win 3rd place in the World Championship of Public Speaking (WOW!!!!!). This etched her in history as the first Korean American woman to place in the final stage. Watch her winning speech here!

Workshop #2: “5T Workout –
Trail Towards Terrific Table Topic”

Do you think delivery of impromptu speech is an art or a skill? Join us for 5T Workout – “Trail Towards Terrific Table Topic” and improve your chances to hold “Best Table Topic” ribbon.

By the end of this 30 min session, participants will :
– Have developed understanding what makes the impromptu speech more impactful
– Learn and be able to select strategies to prepare to improvise
– Have put new learning into the practice by delivering or evaluating a table topic speech

Who do you think is the leader of this session?

It’s Mikhail Pokutny – an international business professional with enthusiasm towards public speaking and adult learning.

Mikhail first visited Toastmasters International in 2008 during his days in the US. Since his return to Russia, Mikhail has been the active member of Moscow Toastbusters club. Communication and Leadership program offered by Toastmasters make sound contribution towards his enthusiasm to public speaking and, more specifically, to his passion about adult learning.

Supported by skills gained with Toastmasters, Mikhail is now finishing 2 years long program of stress management learning sessions that he and his team facilitate for staff members of his employer. Mikhail is also known for active participation in clubs’ Table Topic session frequently winning Best Table Topic ribbon.