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What is Toastmasters

How is TM different • TM Value Proposition

Toastmasters International is a world leader in communication and leadership development. It’s an acknowledged platform equipped with techniques that are supposed to guide and teach everyone who’s eager to learn more about Public Speaking and self-evolution (basically in English). Toastmasters is represented by local clubs in different cities where members and guests come to practice to speak publicly, listen, think critically, while exchanging and spreading ideas in supportive atmosphere.

Toastmasters is a non-profit organization with long-time history and an open-minded outlook. Being its member means to have an opportunity of making public presentations and becoming a part of any Toastmasters club all over the world.

Global experiences of professionals serve Toastmasters as a basis to be a great institute of Leadership and Communication for those who is ready to inherit knowledge and implement it in both occupational and personal life.
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How is it different

In 21st century every modern person is definitely at an advantage of learning, developing a kaleidoscope of skills and enhancing oneself through the communication. The demand of possessing more information and crafts stimulates the society to create different tools to achieve these goals and become more successful in life. Nowadays the main pitfall is to make a right choice.

Far and wide people tend to choose time-proven facilities as it is Toastmasters. Almost over a century its members benefit from distinguished Education Program that unites people into variegated networking red. Step-by-step tips of how to become a better Speaker and Leader are comprised of tried-and-true guidelines for participants on each stage of their journey.  

If you google in search of speechcraft clubs in your city, you’ll probably find a variety of them. Coming to Toastmasters you are to discover its main quality. Each meeting is organized by Executive Team, guests and members are signed up for the roles, speakers prepare their projects – imagine that each person in this chain is prompted by one common thing. Toastmasters exists and grows driven due to the unique engine – an internal motivation. No wonder it gathers like-minded enthusiasts all over the world building this way a strong community of purposeful individuals.

If remember your previous experience of learning English language or any other skill, you’ll probably recall such things as sitting at a desk, learning lots of insipid techniques and having exams. On the next stage, plunging into Toastmasters, its fellows face a striking feeling – here all the challenges you get are deliberate, knowledge is applied and examination is conducted by your inner will.
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What is TM value proposition

Toastmasters program starts with two basic branches of self-development: Communication and Leadership project tracks. Both of them are available from the very beginning and lead a club member to the formation of distinguished personal skills.

Competent Communicator manual helps to focus on pure Public Speaking – an ability to compose and deliver speeches, master each specific skill needed on the way of becoming a cognizant Speaker. Meanwhile Competent Leadership manual stands for cultivating and sharpening the leader side of your character. This guidebook provides a set of designed step-by-step projects in which you are to learn from performing minor roles at Toastmasters meetings and enrich yourself with becoming a party of club’s internal life.

As a Toastmaster you are free to keep your own pace and tune up the sequence of your performances from each manual.

Each time coming up to the stage or helping your club with meetings arrangements, you’ll rear and share your experience which you can further implement in different areas, including your professional life. Toastmasters makes possible to embrace diverse fields of involvement – from PR activity and web development to organization of international conferences. Besides of creative learning processes, Toastmasters provides the relevant skills that could complement to your resume to advantage.

You may work as an interpreter, coach, manager who needs to encourage a small group of coworkers, or just want to feel yourself more confident and express thoughts competently – you are welcome in Toastmasters. In its bracing stream you have all the chances to shape your Leadership and Communication skills and get as much acquirement as you want. Remember that it’s all about your internal motivation.

Then you get a certificate and live happily ever after.
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