How to get to BBQ


The closest Metro Station is Schukinskaya.

Get off the train (1st coach from the center), get up the stairs and turn right and then left. Go strait to the tram stop and cross the rails. You need the direction that is to the Moskva river and Alye Parusa buildings (not to the forest behind you). Ask people around if you’re not sure, they will help you with the right direction. You shall take ANY tram. Seriously, any. There are different  numbers: 10, 15, 31, 30, 28, 6 and some others. No need to choose, take the 1st one that comes.

Then you get off on the 2nd stop. The name of this stop is “Detskaya Poliklinika”. The reference point for you is the abandoned petrol station TNK.

As soon as you get off the tram, cross the road and stop near the petrol station. This will be our MEETING POINT at 11.30. Here we will pick you up from 11.15 till 11.45. Try not to be late 🙂

In case you are late you shall find us yourself. 

Don’t worry, it’s not at all difficult. From the petrol station head on to the big bridge towards Strogino that is ahead of you (if you’re not sure ask people where Strogino is, they’ll show you).

You cross one more pair of tram rails and step onto the bridge. Keep going, the Moskva River is just under your feet 🙂 As soon as you cross the river, you will soon find the stairs down. Get down these stairs and turn to the right. We will be sitting at around 200 m distance from the stairs.