Area Executive Committee 2016-17

Our executive committee members 2016-17

Area Director

Sergey Saprykin, CC
Sergey pic NY

Having joined the TM community in 2014, Sergey quickly went from active member to organizer. Building on his prior public speaking experience as an interpreter and lecturer, within a few months he was elected President of the then-emerging WorldSurfers TM club. After guiding his club to charter and making it a fully-fledged part of Moscow TM, Sergey now aspires to repeat this feat on another level and help integrate Moscow TM into the wider TM community.

Asst Director Program Quality

Mike Gordeev



It was a hard challenge for the Toastmasters colleagues to get Mike on the track of a dedicated member. It took whole time from September 2015 till Arpil 2016 when he officially joined TM community, despite relative “youth” in July he accepted VPE role in the first Russian-speaking toastmasters club, swiftly followed by the new challenge of serving on the area EC. The turning point happened in the year 2016 thanks to the most fascinating set of developed and forward-looking positive people in Moscow. Most likely it will grow on and it is a pleasure to be a part of the Russian Toastmasters community.

Area Secretary

Igor Kokarev, ACB, ALB

Kokarev_Igor_foto for
An active member of German Toastmasters club in Moscow since 2010.

During the past 5 years he has played (attended) the various officers-roles in Redefluss-Moskau among them: 2012-2013 he was a president of the club, 2015-2016 – vice-president for Education. During his presidents period Igor has begun to visit English-speaking Moscow Toastmaster club, to invite German speaking Toatmaster in Redefluss-Moskau and to discuss different common English-German Toatmasters´ projects.

Igor works already 20 years at the Moscow filmschool (Higher Courses of Scriptwriters and Filmdirectors), and for a time of his business travels to the foreign international Filmfestivals he visited another Toastmasters clubs, where he gained and shared his Toastmasters experience.

PR Manager

Alexandra Yakubovich


A Toastmaster since 2012 Aleksandra has served as the Secretary of Toastbusters Moscow club in 2013 after delivering her Ice-breaker. After two years’ pause from the TM community, Alexandra came back to refine herself not only as a Speaker, but as the Leader by taking Moscow Area PR Manager position. Toastmasters Int. has shown Alexandra a world of smart, dedicated, charismatic and ambitious people, and she is happy to be part of this world.

Media&event  Manager

Anna Ilyina