Conference Program


Sergei Kuzin, ACS


About the trainer. A business trainer, holds a Masters degree in Psychological Science, an author of the first of its kind book in Russia on how to present in front of the aggressive audiences and answer provocative questions. А Toastmaster since 2007, current member of Moscow Toastbusters Club.

Workshop Title: In the Line of Fire. How to handle hostile listeners and answer tough questions, when it counts.

Need to report on negative results?

Meeting with a frustrated client?

Have to announce an unpopular decision made?

Be ready for the “tough questions”! It is only the matter of getting into a stressful situation to see who is worth what.

This workshop will provide you with a toolset for extreme communication, allowing to pull yourself together in the face of any challenging meeting or presentation.

Gudrun Wahnschaffe, ACS, CL


Gudrun Wahnschaffe hat bis 1977 ein Ingenieurstudium in Moskau absolviert, danach arbeitete sie in der

Chemischen und Automotive Industrie, seit 10 Jahren ist sie Ingenieur und Projektleiter in der Raumfahrt.

Bei Toastmasters ist sie seit 2010. Zuerst besuchte sie einen Club in Berlin, jetzt ist sie Mitglied bei Speakers Corner München und bei Redeclub- München (Treasurer).

Im 2010 in Barcelona hat Gudrun den 2. Platz im Wettbewerb für humorvolle Reden gewonnen, im 2015 in Prag den 1. Platz im gleichen Wettbewerb auf Deutsch.

Workshop Titel: Stelle dich auf deine Zuhörer ein! (Vorträge vorbereiten für Faule)

Im Workshop wird gezeugt, wie du als Vortragender dein Redematerial für verschiedene Zielgruppen aufbereiten kannst.

  1. Wie hast du deine Materialien immer schnell parat?
  2. Welche Gedanken solltest du dir zu deinen Zuhörern machen?
  3. Wie du aus demselben Material schnell für die verschiedenen Zielgruppen ganz unterschiedliche Vorträge baus

Klaus Roth, ACS, ALB


Toastmaster for more than 10 years. Now member of Bonn International Toastmasters, owner of a theatre for young audience. Awarded 2012 “Outstanding Toastmaster” for organizing the fall district conference in Bonn. Now focused at mentoring Toastmasters. Wowed by the rapid growth of Toastmasters in east and southeast part of District 95. There I presented several workshops about the universe of communication. Very interested in German speaking clubs out of Germany, Switzerland and Austria.


Workshop Title: Are tabletopic sessions horrible for you? If so, it is the right workshop for you.

Tabletopic sessions are loved by a lot of Toastmasters. Here you can improve your speaking off the

cuff. You can cultivate your creativity. You can find your story on the fly. Here you can prepare yourself for the unexpected situations in your business and private life.

For others TT is horror. Sweat at the forehead. Blood pressure is high. The head: blank.

How to make these people become TT lovers speaking at ease on the stage?

It is difficult. But thousands of Toastmasters managed it. And you also will. At this workshop I will offer you some tools, some tricks, some tactics to “survive” tabletopics. Some will match to your personality, others not. I hope you will adopt 1, 2 or 3 of them to your toolbox of communication.

With this expanded repertoire you will go with a smile into the next tabletopic session in your club.

And you will succeed.

Maxim Luchinin, CL


Maxim entered Moscow Toastbusters club in August 2013. In just two years he acquired CL title, served as a Secretary and Vice President Education in the Club Executive Committee, organized many social and team-building events like “Mafia games”, “Toast-quests” and special thematic Toastmasters meetings. He became the 2nd best speaker at the 1st Moscow Area Spring Contest held in May 2015.

Workshop Title: LEGOMAN. The Barriers of Communication. 

There has been so much said and written about the importance of the team work, as well as about the efficiency of collaborative efforts. Nevertheless, even the most well-organised and highly motivated teams may find themselves stuck in face of the communication barriers.

In this workshop you will see first-hand how a lack of communication may undermine the collective work, and attempt to find possible ways to mitigate that challenge.

Valeria Kholodkova, ACS, ALS


A passionate Toastmaster since 2008, Valeria has served as Club President, Vice President Membership and Vice President of Public Relations several times at different clubs. Her Toastmasters experience helps her greatly in her work activities that involve frequent public speaking performances. As a Marketing Director in a hi-tech company she also practices her leadership skills gained in the Toastmasters community. At the 6th International Moscow Conference held in 2015 she became the winner of the Evaluation Contest.

Workshop Title: The Art of Effective Evaluation.

Public speaking and leadership are skills that can be developed and improved. In Toastmasters, feedback is called evaluation, and it is the heart of the Toastmasters educational program. You observe the speeches and leadership roles of your fellow club members and offer evaluations of their efforts, and they do the same for you. In this workshop you will learn how to give and receive helpful evaluations both in theory and in practice.