The winter is almost upon us and so is the excitement about the upcoming Moscow Winter Area Conference on December 2, 2017 at American Cultural Center in the Library of Foreign Literature

The theme of the conference is BRIDGES
Each person is like an island. As we learn how to communicate more effectively, how to better express our thoughts, and how to listen more attentively, we build bridges between islands. Bridges can be different: firm and sound, makeshift and light, simple and ornate. Some bridges are really solid and durable. They take time and effort to build, but they are worth it!  By making speeches we build bridges.  What kind of bridge will you build?



Traditionally, we have three major contests:

– Humorous Speech contest (in English)
– Table Topics contest (in English)

– Humorous Speech contest (in Russian)

We will learn who the ultimate winners are at the end of the day! Bring your 
support to your fellow club mates!
We will also have a 
workshop where everyone will be able to participate (more details will come later)! So come to see, listen, learn, evaluate, and play an active part!

Do not forget about an afterparty after the conference, where you will be able to discuss what you saw and heard, chat with the contestants and guests, and just have a good time! 

The entrance fee for the Winter Area Conference is 300 rub. per person. That include tea-breaks and lunch.


Toastmasters Winter Conference Russia