Funky Talks, February 2

On February 2 Toastmasters Moscow Area and Jazz Idea Band presented FUNKY TALKS!

What was about Funky?

Music stage and Jazz, Rock and Funky tunes performed by Jazz Idea Band, led by one of the Toastmasters, Mikhail Pokutny and Marina Petrova as a singer.

Juzz Idea Band

What was about Talks?

Part of the program, the best speakers from Moscow Toastmasters Community competed for the best performance in brief interview challenge, where they assumed identities of well-known stars in the music industry.

Dilara Imaeva (Selena Gomez), Rahim Saatov (Adriano Celentano) and Dmitry Trapeznikov (Mobi) were the best and won the contest.


Funky Talks 2018 participants

More pictures by Kirill Videev are here.