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April 10, Kick-off meeting of OPTIMA FORMA, new Russian speaking club

Друзья! C радостью приглашаем вас на первую открывающую встречу нашего нового клуба OPTIMA FORMA (# 6890761)!


Это будет новый перспективный клуб с ярким форматом. Клуб для деловых людей. Клуб про БИЗНЕС и для БИЗНЕСА. Здесь мы будем “прокачивать” важные навыки, нацеленные на эффективное лидерство и качественную коммуникацию. Здесь мы будем делиться провалами и историями успеха. Здесь мы будем помогать каждому почувствовать себя увереннее в том деле, которым вы занимаетесь.

Первая встреча клуба пройдет во вторник 10 апреля в Библиотеке им.Некрасова (м. Бауманская, 5 мин. пешком) с 19.00 до 21.00. Последующие встречи будут проходить там же на регулярной основе каждый второй вторник (не пересекается со встречами русского клуба “Златоуст Мастерс”).

Регистрация на мероприятие здесь

Toastmasters are jazzing it up!

In a second jazz-related Toastmasters event this year in Moscow (see Jazz and Talks if you missed the first one), Worldsurfers club is having a demo meeting at Skolkovo Jazz Science Festival on Aug 26!
Big thanks to the American Center of the Library of Foreign Literature – a long-standing partner of WorldSurfers club and the wider Moscow Toastmasters community – for providing this opportunity.


In 2016, Skolkovo Jazz festival was recognized as the best jazz event of the year and, keeping up the tradition, this year the venue will become an area of improvisation and an ideal place to demonstrate new creative abilities. The guests of the festival will have an opportunity to dive into the world of experimental media technologies and to learn how innovation in science is increasingly becoming a new tool for art creation. See more at the official festival website.
skolkovo jazz 2


At this year’s festival, WorldSurfers are going to hold a special themed meeting entitled “Jazz it up!”. Honored club members, fellow Toastmasters from other clubs, guests and newcomers are welcome to this event!
The demo event will be held in a form of a regular Toastmasters meeting and will feature some of the most experienced members of the Russian Toastmasters community. As always, we will provide lots of interactive opportunities for the audience and will encourage our guests to take the stage so that each and every participant could share our excitement and feel part of this fabulous event.


Skolkovo Jazz Science festival will take place on Saturday, August 26th, at the Skolkovo Innovation Center located at Nobelya st., 1. You can find detailed information on how to reach the venue here. Our meeting starts at 6:00 p.m. sharp. Kindly note the entrance fee to the festival is 1500 rub, you can purchase admission tickets on-line here. For any questions concerning the admission to the Skolkovo Jazz Science, please address the staff of the festival.
Don’t miss such a great chance to improve your public-speaking skills in the unique environment made up of the blend of science and art at the heart of Russian innovation! We look forward very much to meeting you on Saturday!mailrusigimg_HufEsA69

Become Moscow Area Assistant Director for Club Growth

Here’s another post from our series about Moscow Area officer positions, in the run-up to our Area Council on June 7 and the elections of next season’s Area team.

As the assistant director for club growth, you are responsible for all aspects of marketing, club-building and club-retention efforts within the community.

Image result for growth

Why should you be interested?

This position puts you at the forefront of Russian Toastmasters development and lets you train both critical/strategic/creative thinking and communicating this vision to the clubs. You will become an expert troubleshooter, identifying what hurts the clubs’ member experience and how to making things work better. You will help people open new clubs – always an emotional and rewarding moment. Plus, it is an invaluable experience in the intricacies of representing a global brand in Russia.

Who we are looking for

A passionate Toastmaster, preferably a former club officer, familiar with the practical challenges that clubs face in providing the best experience to their members and willing to contribute to the community.

Key skills you will use and develop in this position

  • Strategic thinking
  • Analytical skills
  • Communication
  • Team management
  • Collaboration
  • Giving feedback
  • Motivation
  • Creativity

Main responsibilities

  • Develop the annual marketing plan for the area and drive its implementation
  • Assist in organizing new clubs in the area
  • Help all clubs build and retain the membership base
  • Train, motivate and supervise the club sponsors, mentors and coaches
  • Ensure that the community adheres to Toastmasters International brand standards

To make Russian Toastmasters a success, we need a strong Asst Director for Club Growth. If you want to apply for this role, or want to nominate another person, write a letter to!

Here’is what Max Silin, who performed the role in 2015-16 TM year, has to say about it:

“Having fulfilled the role as an Assistant Director, Club Growth allowed me to take significant risks in a safe environment, and apply the learnings at my day job, proving myself as a capable, reliable leader and securing a spot for the achieved promotion. I was able to set the path for the future development of the Moscow Area Toastmasters (and across Russia) by applying strategic thinking and motivational skills which I have built up throughout my work experience in this role. This unique opportunity has provided me with a leverage to influence the way Moscow  Area Toastmasters is seen both by the local club members as well as the international community”.

Become Moscow Area PR manager

As promised, here’s the first in a series of posts about Moscow Area officer positions, in the run-up to our Area Council on June 7 and the elections of next season’s Area team. 


Are you willing to be the driving force behind the promotional efforts of Moscow Toastmasters for 2017-18 TM year? Or do you know a person who is just right for this position? Then send your application to!

Why should you bother? Because being a Public Relations manager for Toastmasters Moscow is a great opportunity to:

  • Practice building and promoting a global brand in Russia
  • Try your hand at event management
  • Network with people both within our vibrant community and outside it
  • Improve your oral and written communication in English and Russian languages
  • Practice creative copywriting
  • Learn /practice new technical tools useful for promotion
  • Learn to work in a modern-style, horizontal, emergent team

Here’s what one of the people who previously performed this role has to say about it:

“Being an Area PR manager is like having an important position in a big corporation. For me it was a good opportunity to develop my leadership skills in a new role. Success of the 8th International Conference was the biggest achievement of my team during that time. And now I have an impressive point in my CV ;)”

Evgenia Maseeva, Moscow Area PR manager in 2014-15

The specific responsibilities of a PR manager include:

  • Design and send email campaigns (we currently use Mailchimp) about Area-level events.
  • Take photos and videos at Area events and publish them to club’s website/youtube channel/FB page
  • Publish previews and reviews of Area-level events
  • Keep website and Facebook page up to date with interesting content
  • Design & order promotional items (eg leaflets, event agendas etc.) and Moscow Area-branded souvenirs (eg contest prizes)
  • Facilitate the exchange of experience and best practices among club VPPRs
  • Organize special events to promote Toastmasters in Moscow and Russia in general


The key skills/qualities for this position :

  • Creativity – you should be the ‘idea engine’ of the team
  • Teamwork – while the design is largely your responsibility, all Area team members provide input for the PR materials
  • Tech literacy – even if you don’t know the specific tools we are using, you can easily pick them up, provided you have the willingness & ability to learn
  • Good style – you should be comfortable writing solid promo materials in English/Russian
  • Responsibility – if you take on a task, see it through to the end! The community depends on you
  • Gusto – generally optimistic life outlook, enthusiasm and can-do attitude

Are you up for it? Send a letter stating your wish to be Moscow Area PR manager to!