Become Moscow Area PR manager

As promised, here’s the first in a series of posts about Moscow Area officer positions, in the run-up to our Area Council on June 7 and the elections of next season’s Area team. 


Are you willing to be the driving force behind the promotional efforts of Moscow Toastmasters for 2017-18 TM year? Or do you know a person who is just right for this position? Then send your application to!

Why should you bother? Because being a Public Relations manager for Toastmasters Moscow is a great opportunity to:

  • Practice building and promoting a global brand in Russia
  • Try your hand at event management
  • Network with people both within our vibrant community and outside it
  • Improve your oral and written communication in English and Russian languages
  • Practice creative copywriting
  • Learn /practice new technical tools useful for promotion
  • Learn to work in a modern-style, horizontal, emergent team

Here’s what one of the people who previously performed this role has to say about it:

“Being an Area PR manager is like having an important position in a big corporation. For me it was a good opportunity to develop my leadership skills in a new role. Success of the 8th International Conference was the biggest achievement of my team during that time. And now I have an impressive point in my CV ;)”

Evgenia Maseeva, Moscow Area PR manager in 2014-15

The specific responsibilities of a PR manager include:

  • Design and send email campaigns (we currently use Mailchimp) about Area-level events.
  • Take photos and videos at Area events and publish them to club’s website/youtube channel/FB page
  • Publish previews and reviews of Area-level events
  • Keep website and Facebook page up to date with interesting content
  • Design & order promotional items (eg leaflets, event agendas etc.) and Moscow Area-branded souvenirs (eg contest prizes)
  • Facilitate the exchange of experience and best practices among club VPPRs
  • Organize special events to promote Toastmasters in Moscow and Russia in general


The key skills/qualities for this position :

  • Creativity – you should be the ‘idea engine’ of the team
  • Teamwork – while the design is largely your responsibility, all Area team members provide input for the PR materials
  • Tech literacy – even if you don’t know the specific tools we are using, you can easily pick them up, provided you have the willingness & ability to learn
  • Good style – you should be comfortable writing solid promo materials in English/Russian
  • Responsibility – if you take on a task, see it through to the end! The community depends on you
  • Gusto – generally optimistic life outlook, enthusiasm and can-do attitude

Are you up for it? Send a letter stating your wish to be Moscow Area PR manager to!