Area Executive Committee 2015-16

Our executive committee members 2015-16 (click on a face to read more!)

Sergey Dima Lera Max

Area Director

Valeria Kholodkova, ACS, ALS

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A passionate Toastmaster since 2008, Valeria has served as Club President, Vice President Membership and Vice President of Public Relations several times at different clubs. Her Toastmasters experience helps her greatly in her work activities that involve frequent public speaking performances. As a Marketing Director in a hi-tech company (augmented & virtual reality technologies) she also practices her leadership skills gained in the Toastmasters community.


Area Secretary

Dima Trapeznikov, CC


Dmitry joined Toastmasters in 2011 and immediately became a passionate member of TM community not only as a public speaker, but also as a leader and an organizer. Being noticed as an active member he was offered a Secretary position in a just organised new club called Toastbusters. What is more, in the same year Dmitry already became the President of the club. He never stopped being helpful for the club and also served as Vice President Membership and Vice President Education. Confidence, communication and leadership skills which he constantly gains in Toastmasters help him in his career and everyday life.

Asst Director Program Quality

Sergey Saprykin, CC
Sergey pic NY

Having joined the TM community in 2014, Sergey quickly went from active member to organizer. Building on his prior public speaking experience as an interpreter and lecturer, within a few months he was elected President of the then-emerging WorldSurfers TM club. After guiding his club to charter and making it a fully-fledged part of Moscow TM, Sergey now aspires to repeat this feat on another level and help integrate Moscow TM into the wider TM community.


Asst Director Club Growth

Max Silin, CC, ALB
Having been elected VP Public Relations just one month after he had first joined a Toastmasters club back in 2012, Max realized at an early stage that the more active one is at the Toastmasters, the more he/she gains from it. Not only has Toastmasters been providing Max with a fun community to hang out with and a friendly and supportive environment to grow and polish his leadership and communications skills, but it also has helped Max to land a lucrative consulting job opportunity at one of the world’s most renowned Internet companies, boosting his career tremendously.